Why Do I have Xerostomia (Bad Breath)?

bad_breathXerostomia is the academic term for what you and I call dry mouth. It is, quite simply, the feeling you have when there is little to no saliva in your mouth. You can probably recall times in your life when you were particularly anxious, dehydrated or otherwise exhausted and had that awful dry feeling.

Dry mouth can come as a result of certain medications, health conditions or from aging. Several prescription drugs are available to treat or prevent Xerostomia, if it is a persistent problem that threatens your overall dental hygiene.

Saliva is important to the health of your teeth and any long-term absence of it can cause a dramatic increase in cavities. Sipping sugarless fluids or chewing gum can bring back the saliva in your mouth can also help with that dry mouth feeling.

If you have frequent dry mouth or Xerostomia, contact us today so that we can help you find the best solution to your dry mouth.

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