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  • Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

    Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

    Patients will SAVE $1000 off Invisalign, on all cases started* before January 31, 2019.


    Invisalign for Straighter Teeth

    Invisalign helps correct a myriad of concerns, including: crowed teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, gap teeth, and open bite. It even works if you just want generally straighter teeth! No brackets and wires, and none of the restrictions that come with metal braces.

    They are thin, clear, and fit snugly over your teeth, making them virtually invisible. In fact, people may not even notice you’re wearing them. You can remove them to eat and drink, to brush and floss, or for special occasions.

    And, they have successfully improved over 5 million smiles!


    Start with a Consultation

    Current patients, call now to schedule a consult! We’ll review your status, take pictures and impressions – and we’ll be well on the way.

    If you’re a new patient, schedule your first exam and cleaning so that we can review your status before initiating Invisalign treatments.


    Your Aligners are Customized

    Your aligners are custom made for you – and Dr. Berry will recommend the best solution to fit your case!

    Every smile is unique, which is why your corrective alignment treatment starts with a consultation.

    Call the office and book your consultation with Dr. Berry now: (336) 570-3882

    REMINDER: Offer to save $1000* with Invisalign treatment is good until January 31, 2019.

    *Patients need to have completed an initial consult, a down payment and ordered their aligners by January 31, 2019 to qualify for the promotional savings.

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