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  • Our Congratulations to the Class of 2018

    Our Congratulations to the Class of 2018

    We are delighted to be celebrating another year of growth and focus this month on celebrating our graduates for both high school and college!

    High School Graduates


    Alayna W.
    William M.
    DJ R.
    Makenzie M.
    Phillip H.
    Quinton L.
    Mackensi V.
    Lucus E.
    Chandler W.
    Aaron W.
    Anna C.
    Braxton S.
    Walker G.
    Sarah B.
    Moriah S.
    Makayla W.
    Makenzie W.
    Samantha H.
    Tyler M.
    Zachary C.
    Diana N.
    Kaleigh O.
    Elijah J.
    Alyssa C.
    Heather M.
    Tre W.

    College Graduates


    Caleb G.
    Mary Kate F.
    Ashley S.
    Seth W.
    Alanie W.
    Joshua C.
    Madeleine F.
    Jack H.
    Anna S.
    Sophie M.
    Alec B.
    Nick B.
    Shelley A.
    Kaela S.
    Paul C.

    We wish you a very happy commencement – a new beginning on the next chapter of your lives.

    Keep those teeth healthy and happy by brushing and flossing each day! We look forward to seeing you during your next check-up, and can’t wait to hear about your new adventures!

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