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    Meet Dr. Chris Berry!
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    Video Transcript

    Good evening, Alamance County.

    I’m Dr. Karen Barwick and we just completed an Open House, welcoming our new associate, Dr. Chris Berry – who has been with our practice for a week and a half, and hopefully, will be with us for a while.

    We are located in Graham.

    I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 31 years. And we would love to see your smiling faces at our office at 150 West Crescent Square Drive.


    It’s great being here this week and a half. I really love it. I am excited to be here. Looking forward to meeting new faces, so please – come on down, give us a call, schedule an appointment.

    We’d love to see you.

    Call Michelle: 336-570-3882.

    And visit our website:

    We’ll see you soon.

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