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  • Summer Blood Drive at Karen Barwick DDS and Associates

    Summer Blood Drive at Karen Barwick DDS and Associates

    Good afternoon friends, family and BLOOD DONORS!

    This is a public service announcement that Karen Barwick, DDS & Associates will be hosting our second Blood Drive of 2017!

    (It was SO GREAT the first time that we decided to do it again!)

    Join Us for our Summer Blood Drive

    On Saturday, June 3, the ARC BLOODMOBILE will be at our office, 150 West Crescent Square Drive in Graham from 8:30am until 5:30pm.

    Our goal is ONE MILLION UNITS!
    Okay, we’ll settle for 80, but we can’t do it without YOU!

    We are all aware of the sicknesses and tragedies that are around us, and affecting the lives of people for whom we care deeply. Well, guess what? These tragedies affect everyone! It’s not just on the news. It’s in our own little world.

    Dr. Barwick had a patient tell her that a loved one received 100 pints throughout his recent sickness.

    100 PINTS!!

    You know where that 100 pints came from? 
YOU and ME, that’s where!

    Why do we do this? Because WE CAN!

    Why should you do this? Because YOU CAN!

    We purposefully scheduled this for a Saturday so that YOU could participate!

    Go to
    Search using our zip code (27253) or Sponsor Code (Barwick).
    Choose your time and BE THERE!

    We will have biscuits and pizza and cookies…OH MY!
    You will NOT regret it!

    We’ll see you then and there!

    Blood doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t make it out of chemicals in a lab…we can only get it from you!

    It’s quick; it’s easy; and it’s NEEDED!

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