I lost the right front crown over the weekend (naturally) and called Karen’s office Monday. Vicki was able to fit me in on Monday afternoon. Karen and Lindsay were able to give me a retainer and delivered it to me on Wednesday. As usual I received Karen’s personal touch and loving care in such a short time. The care I received from both Karen and Lindsay went way beyond what I expected. The entire staff treated me as family and made the entire experience comfortable and trouble-free. I love Karen and her entire organization.

From J.C. 10.13.2021

Great dental office. They are very attentive to each individual from the moment you arrive.

From M.S. 08.12.2021

Everyone was so patient with me and explained every step to me and gave me numerous options for my broken tooth. Amanda and Lindsay went way out of their way and missed half their lunch break to make me feel comfortable and like I really mattered to them. I cannot say enough kind and generous words for them today. Thank you again!

From K.C. 05.25.2021

Great experience today from the Dr. Barwick team, from entrance to exit. Excellent care and experience. All well protected for us and them. Thanks to all and Dr Barwick for her concerns.

From M.L. on 10.16.2020

Absolutely wonderful. I wish I had started coming three years ago. I have feared the dentist since a little child and you have all made it so much easier for me to go to the Dentist now. Everyone is GREAT! and that means EVERYONE! Now I sometimes just drop in to visit…..not sure that should be something I do but I try not to chat too long. Love you all!

From Carol on 10.29.2018

This is the best dental office out there. I would recommend everyone to go here. Thanks to all the employees as well. They all make you feel great.

From Robert on 01.25.2019

Dr. Karen Barwick, Dr. Chris Berry and the entire team provide quality dental care. Whether I go for a routine cleaning, an exam, X-rays or putting in a new crown I am pleased with their friendly customer service and professionalism.

From Yvonne on 02.07.2019

My experience has always been great in visiting Dr. Barwick facilities…Her staff is an extension of her kind and professional manner in delivering services….It is obvious her staff is trained to make each individual patient feel special which is a great quality in the personality of Dr Barwick in rendering services.

From Cleo on 03.10.2019

Everyone there is absolutely great and professional. Easy in and out.

From Tom on 04.14.2019

Excellence, high quality services …made to feel welcome and loved! No wait-time, efficient and very prompt. My hygienist was very friendly as well as professional….great experience!!!

From Claudette on 08.20.2019

I would recommend Dr. Barwick’s office to everyone. My visit yesterday was so pleasant even though I had a problem. Everyone was so concerned and helpful! Please thank Dr. Berry for his help!!!!!

From C.G. on 10.14.2020

This is the place you want to go to get good care of your teeth. All the staff is dedicated to helping you maintain good oral health. They offer conservative care and work with you on what you want to do. I have been to other practices in the area and felt pressure to do more expensive treatment, but they seem to keep things “real.” Dr. Barwick is such a people person. Everyone I have sent to that practice has loved. it. My only warning is that you may linger talking to the staff about your kids and their lives. This place becomes family.

From Rebecca on 12.31.2018

This dentist practice is a rare find. The dentist and all of the staff are the Elite of the Elite. From my very first visit they all made me feel like we’ve been friends for years. If you are studying to open your own practice… of any kind or just need a dentist, you should stop in and meet Dr. Barwick, Dr. Berry and their Amazing staff because they know how to treat their patients…so much so that I left there feeling like family!

From Lorie on 01.31.2019

The cleaning and bite wing’s procedures were done in a careful and gentle way. I was always comfortable and treated very well by my hygienist. It was a very good experience and I will look forward to my future needs and visits to this dentist.

From Jane on 02.15.2019

All of the staff are very friendly. My 6 year old looks forward to her 6 month appointments! Loves that treasure box for being a good patient. I have been a patient for over 10 years now. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

From Kelly on 03.05.2019

I can’t say enough about this dental practice. Everyone is so nice. They all do a great job! They care about their patients and it shows.

From Sandra on 03.20.2019

Fantastic team. Quick service. Great dentist for the family.

From Jason on 07.30.2019

My husband and I both came for our first visit June 30th. We moved here from NY. From the receptionist, to the hygienist to the doctor, it was an amazing experience and visit. We were treated do well. Everything was gone and explained thoroughly and the staff just put this office over the top. We had others come in and introduce themselves and talk to us that were not working on our teeth. Dr. Barwick was not in due to an injury so we had Dr. Barry. We cannot day enough good about the service and staff here. I highly recommend this dentist office to all who are wary of trying someone new! Thank you for a truly wonderful experience.

From Athena on 08.02.2019