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  • Your Dental Family vs. Your Insurance Carrier | January Editorial from Dr. Barwick

    Your Dental Family vs. Your Insurance Carrier | January Editorial from Dr. Barwick

    Happy New Year 2017 to you and your loved ones.

    In 2017, I am going to attempt to write a monthly editorial.

    If there is something that you care for me to write about, please email me directly and I will work on the topic for our Newsletter.



    As many of you know, I have very strong feelings regarding dental insurance telling YOU who your provider can and cannot be, and I have very strong feelings about dental insurance telling ME what treatment I can provide to you – AND telling providers what we can charge for needed services.

    Let me explain.

    In 1987, I began my career as a private practice dentist. Personally, I had NEVER heard of dental insurance. The jobs that my parents had, and being a farm family, we had never had this benefit.

    I came to Graham to begin working and was promptly approached by insurance companies who promised me patients, if I signed up for their plans. With student debt and bills to pay, I signed on to several plans. In 1987, the annual benefit was $1,000 per covered family member per year.

    In 1987, fees and expenses were quite different than they are in 2017 – 30 YEARS LATER!

    However, guess what?

    For MOST dental plans, the ANNUAL BENEFIT remains $1,000.

    While this “assistance” for dental care is helpful, I am amazed that as premiums have increased, YOUR reimbursement has not, in MORE THAN 30 YEARS.

    So, why am I writing this?

    Well, here I go. We recently “lost” an incredibly precious family that has been in OUR PATIENT FAMILY for more than 15 years.


    Did we treat the family poorly?
    Did we disrespect their time, their finances?
    Did we over-treat?


    Their insurance company told them that we were not a Preferred Provider because we have not signed on for them to dictate our fees.

    I can’t even express our sense of loss!

    But I can say, that once that “relationship” with the insurance company vanishes, and even before it vanishes, Our Valued Patient Family Members are and will always be welcomed in “Our Home.”

    And for those who must leave us because the insurance company says so, we wish you a loving, caring relationship in your new dental home.

    All the Best to You and Your Family!


    Kind Regards,

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